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When the survivors find Ana Lucia and Libby shot in the hatch, who goes to Ana?
...and who goes to Libby?
Why does Eko say he hit Locke?
What show is Walt watching in the hotel room in Sydney?
How many knives does Charlie facetiously say Locke has?
Who is Miles named after?
How does Ben say he's going to stop Jack from leaving the island with the survivors?
What does Desmond say after his phone call with Penny when Sayid asks if he's all right? (3 words)
In what color and model car did Sawyer say Munson hid $10 million?
Finish Charlie's quote: I was building a church before... (2 words).
Juliet says she doesn't think Jack is stupid, just...
What two characters wake up upside down?
What three cities did Susan move to after New York, in order?
How long does Juliet think she's going to be in Portland?
What did detectives Mason and Reed find in Peter Talbot's pocket after he died?
Children are named after which three characters?
What does Ben say Juliet never made for him?
Where does Hurley say the survivors want to banish Sawyer?
What does Eko use to climb up a cliff and to help open the Pearl hatch door?
What does the suspicious man at the gas station call Cassidy?
Which two characters are squeamish around blood?
What does Matthew Abaddon ask Hurley at Santa Rosa that freaks him out? (4 words)
Sawyer says he knows how Aaron is--he ___ ___ and he ___.
Who gets welcomed to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on?
By whom?
What does Henry Gale tell Locke that God can't do? (12 words)
Who describes a dream about Locke on the island, in a suit, surrounded by people who want to kill him?
Which two characters have their shoes removed by someone while drunk, and are later killed by the shoe remover?
What does Michael's lawyer call him by mistake?
In or near what town in California is John Locke's commune?
What was Sayid's official title in the Republican Guard?
In order to get into Widmore's penthouse, Ben tells the doorman he's there to see who in which room?
How long is Hurley in Santa Rosa the second time he stays there, after the island?
What are the first three words Rose says after Bernard asks her to marry him?
Where does he propose?
Bernard says he's been a bachelor for how many years?
To whom does Sawyer give the marshall's badge and declare to be 'the new sheriff in town'?
What does Ana tell Eko he has to do in a dream?
What two things does Locke tell the cop are in the back of his pickup truck when he gets pulled over with Eddie?
How many times has Juliet dislocated her shoulder?
Who calls Richard Ben's boyfriend?
Kate says the Others don't want her and Jack because they're both... (2 words)
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