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Can you name the gifts given on Lost?

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Annie to Ben
Annie to Ben
Jin to Sun
Jin to Sun
Hugo to Carmen
David Reyes to Hugo
James to Juliet
Sawyer to Kate
Nadia to Sayid
Jae Lee to Sun
Locke to Claire/Aaron
Howie to Nikki
Kate to Diane
Megan to Charlie
Jin to Hurley
Locke to Michael
Liam to Charlie
Charlie to Claire
Hurley to Claire
Charlie to Shannon
Uncle Sayid to Nadia and Omer's kids
Megan to Liam
Jack to Analucia
Charlie to Aaron
Jack to Kate
Eloise to Daniel
Sawyer to Claire (for her 'vote')
Mr. Paik (via Jin) to Chinese Ambassador
Robert to Danielle
Jacob to young James
Libby to Desmond
Michael to little Walt
Sayid to Shannon
James to Charlotte
Suzanne Callis to 'Monica'
Charlie to Claire for Aaron
Jacob to Katie
Boone to Shannon
Locke to Sayid
Jin to Michael
Helen to Locke
Sun to Jin

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