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Can you name the locations of the events on Lost?

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Australian healing site
Where Charlie Hume was born
The uninhabited island where the Oceanic Six allegedly washed up
Where the Doctors Shephard work
Where the Kahana and the Besixdouze sail from
City of Sami's restaurant
Where Charlotte found a polar bear
Where Sayid killed a chicken
Where fake 815 was found
Dharma Initiative headquarters
Driveshaft toured here twice
Jacob's wheel and mirror site
Location of Oceanic Six press conference
Black Rock's home port
Where Juliet died
Peter Avellino's death site
Donkey wheel ejection site
316's official destination
Locke's death site
Charlie's 'the arse end of nowhere'
Sayid's last kill for Ben is here
Charlie's and Naomi's hometown
Where Father Christmas lives, according to Liam
Where Montand lost an arm
Where Tricia Tanaka met the meteor
Where Desmond and Penny drove the wine
City name common to Daniel and Charlotte (different countries)
Where Jughead is buried
Runway site
Dogen's hometown
Place Charlotte knows more about than Hannibal himself
Where Liam searched for a fix the night Megan was born
Where Jacob used to be (someone else has been using it)
Where Locke is laid out
Where Dr. Linus teaches
Where Hurley plays chess with Mr. Eko
Where Sayid builds houses
Ricardo and Isabella's home
Where Jack flies a kite
There's no place like it
A place that you all made together

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