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Can you guess the answers to the terrible LOST jokes?

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Why did James cross the stream at its shallowest point?
What did Mikhail say when Ben asked him what his favorite board game was?
What is Tom’s favorite restaurant?
What do you call a manipulative jungle cat?
What did Jin say to Michael when his wife went missing?
Why couldn’t John & Libby’s son be kept in prison?
What do they call Claire's Israeli cousin Oliver?
How does Jack sneeze in Thailand?
Why did Kate dress plainly when she was trying to hide her identity?
What do you call it when Nadia goes to sleep?
What do you call it when Penny's father starts being nice to people?
What do Faraday shout when he look for French chick?
Why wouldn't Kelvin let Desmond go outside?
What did Megan’s birth make Liam?
How do you find a fake priest in the jungle?
What is Desmond's favorite kind of pasta?
What is Sawyer's favorite dessert?
What exercises does Sun's husband do every morning?
Why did young Jack push all his friends together to protect them?
What did Sayid say when he wanted to try to fly the helicopter?
What is Ethan’s favorite Asian food?
What did Jin sing when he saw his wife running toward him?
How did Kate admit to James that she read his note to the con man who ruined his life?
How fast do you have to drive home to watch Some Like It Hoth?
What did Michael call a large farm animal that he adopted to replace his son?
What do you call it when a police chief runs a tour de stade?
What did Charlie say to Claire when he demanded she marry him?
Why did Kate apologize to Kevin when she left him?
What do you call it when Shannon’s brother recovers after losing a lot of blood?
What is Sawyer’s least favorite book?
What do you call it when you get a tattoo of Hurley on your face?
What do you call Penny's father in the 1970s?
What kind of test did the fake priest undergo to prove he had a good heart?
What do you call it when Aaron’s mother’s online avatar falls into a vat of Dharma cocoa?
What do you call it when Ana Lucia defeats a bad by impaling him?
What did Desmond say when he found the last cent he needed to get a snack from the hatch's vending machine?
What is Sawyer’s favorite fruit?
What do you call it when Walt’s dog find a key in the jungle and uses it to start a Dharma vehicle?
After Charlie fell out of the tree where Ethan hanged him, what did Kate tell Jack to do?
Why did Shannon cross over to the afterlife?
What do you call a painting of a beautiful flower and a seagull?
What do you call it when Scott finds a Dharma station, time travels to 2016, and finds out he’s Aaron’s grandson?

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