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Bernard: 'I'd love to hear about _______, what's he up to now? Come on, come on in, come on.'
Bernard L. Black... What does the L stand for?
Who slept in a revolving door 'one night last week'?
What is Fran's last name (starts with a K)?
What actor plays Evan, Manny's boss at the 'corporate' bookstore?
What did Manny drink during the big lock out?
Who smoked his/her own pubic hair?
QuestionCorrect answer
Who are Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa?
Manny: 'I ate your ______.' Bernard: 'WHAT!?!'
What is the function of the object Fran holds in most of episode one?
What is the 'corporate' bookstore in which Manny works in later episodes?
What band does Evan (Manny's Boss at one point) say he listens to, and therefore makes him cool?
What is the fast food joint at which Bernard works in 'The Big Lock-Out'?

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