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Before being the Kansas City Chiefs, they were the _________ _________.
How many AFL Championships did the Kansas City Chiefs organization win?
Which Chiefs coach has the most wins during the Super Bowl era (but has never coached a team in the Super Bowl)?
What 'KC Chief' personality was the person to name the NFL championship game the 'Super Bowl'?
What do you have to win to receive the Lamar Hunt Trophy?
Which former KC Chiefs head coach's father was a professional wrestler?
In the 1989 season, Ron Jaworski and this center formed the oldest center-quarterback to play simultaneously.
Who did the Chiefs defeat in Super Bowl IV?
Before 'Chiefs' were decided on, 'Kansas City _____ ' was strongly considered. (Hint: plural, animal)
Which former KC Chiefs head coach has been named Coach of the Year at four different levels (high school, junior college, NCAA, NFL)?
In what year were the 'Chiefs' founded (under a different name and not in Kansas City)?
Who was Joe Montana's backup quarterback at a time with both the 49ers and the Chiefs?
Montana's jersey number with the 49ers was 16, but when he signed with the Chiefs, 16 was already retired in honor of whom?
After becoming head coach with the Chiefs, Dick Vermeil traded with the St. Louis Rams for what quarterback?
During their stay in the AFL, how many different head coaches did the Chiefs organization have?
What former Oakland Raider scored the 100th rushing touchdown of his career as a member of the Chiefs?
What number has not been worn since the death of former Running Back Joe Delaney?
Who was the first, and so far only, pure Kicker inducted into the Hall-of-Fame?
Who, in 1995, set the record for the longest run by a quarterback with a 76-yard scramble against the Arizona Cardinals?
What future Hall-of-Famer died in an automobile accident following the 1999 season?
Who did the Chiefs lose to in the first Super Bowl?
Who did the Chiefs defeat in their first game at Arrowhead Stadium?

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