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Can you name the people from David's vlog by just one hint that links to the person beforehand?

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Forced Order
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The person who's vlog it is?
Who's girlfriend is?
Who's ex-viner best friend is?
Who often gets shipped with?
Who he always calls baby?
Who got merch two weeks after this person?
Who is dating?
Who often hangs out with these people who haven't been in this quiz yet?
Who's other half is?
Who had the same hair colour as her but died it?
Who often gets picked on by this person jokingly?
Who's pet is?
Who was going to be hung from the fan by?
Who often hangs out with this (slightly old) guy?
Who acted with?
Who also has abs?
Who he hardly hangs out with but is super smart & detective?
Who helped to find?
Who got stolen directly after him?
Who, as a prank, (most probably) got stolen by?

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