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Aromatic resin in perfumes, or 50's-60's character actor
Large Island of eastern Phillipines
Award-winning 2012 Affleck film
Immature geese, or Canadian actor(s)
Child's weapon-like toy
Environment promoting the growth of something
Chaos, disorder, named for district of old London
Spanish for lamp
Southern Brazilian state and river
Japanese hotchpotch stew
High-priced Caspian Sea caviar
Swiss alpine city态close to Italy
Legal term '_____Contendere'
Greek logic term of philosophy
Biblical testament, or choral singing style
Indonesian national shipping and ferry service
Rhyming slang term for stupid person
Trump's favorite messenger
Towel-like fabric used in shirts, or a guy's name
Formerly all yellow truck rental company
Scientific word for the skin
'Play ______ for Me'
Toddler or small child
organic compound containing a carbonyl group
Musician's electronic aide
Small informational paper or fabric attached to something
Joint between humerus and radius
Japanese way of greeting
Old-world term for gold bar
Playful aquatic mammal
Wood-devouring insect
Catholic headdress, or woodworking joint
To start something over again
Nickname for true-born Tokyoite
Big Island town of coffee fame
Italian city under Mt. Vesuvius
Law enforcers, or early 80's hit-makers
Greek sea-monster, or whale constellation
A vigourous struggle to get something
Part of a garment covering the arm
Time of day around dusk
Japanese word for doll or mermaid
Dumplings often served with ramen noodles
African nation now called Congo
'Goodnight ______ , Goodnight'
Glowing gas used in signs
Up on the internet
Sequential, or arranged in a line
Occult or hermetic in meaning
Latin warning: 'Cave _____'

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