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QUIZ: Can you name the enemies of Robin McGhee (2012 version)?

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AttributePersonOther attribute
Historian, wrong about things sometimesFormer Master of Peterhouse
FoolsOpponents of Christopher Hitchens
SmallSwimming pool drowner
Abominable pair of hideous beingsDrive plot of Lord of the Rings
Opponent, Holywell ward, 2012 Oxford city council electionDefeated Robin's bid for supreme power
Disagreed with a letter Robin wrote to the ObserverEheu!
Shadow ChancellorFat, annoying
Mercilessly defeated Robin in his bid to become president of Oxford University Liberal Democrats in Trinity 2010, the bastardScottish but not actually Scottish
Aimless, directionless, musically untalented irritationReleased album unironically including the word 'freewheelin''
Inventor, ObamacareRoofed dog
Closeted homosexual manWLTM tight-trousered young boy
AttributePersonOther attribute
DeityInvokes floods, plagues
Evil, wrongComprise most of government
Author of very bad bookBook unjustly considered one of greatest novels ever
Sworn political opponentUniversity Challenge team-mate
Snatched victory from jaws of defeatMukherjee, Pugh, their ilk
Chinese childUndergraduate historian, St Anne's College, Oxford
Post-structuralist 'philosopher'Fraud and bullshitter
Was once called a fascist by RobinDidn't deny it
Went to CambridgeWants to work in television REALLY a lot
Went to CambridgeWants to work in television REALLY a lot

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