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Can you name the cards most often used in the world champions' decks from these summaries of their effects?

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Number of Times Included in DecksCard NameSummary of Effect
14Quick Play Spell: Destroy one spell or trap card.
13Quick Play Spell: Change one monster to face-down defense position.
11Normal Trap: When a monster is summoned, destroy all monsters on the field.
9Light, Machine Monster: This card can be special summoned if your opponent has a monster while you have none.
9Normal Spell: Remove from play one face down monster.
9Continuous Trap: Negate all other trap cards.
8Normal Trap: When your opponent summons a monster, remove it from play.
8Normal Spell: Destroy all spell and trap cards on the field.
8Dark, Spellcaster Monster: Banish two monsters from your opponent's graveyard when you inflict battle damage.
7Light, Spellcaster Monster: Move one spell from your graveyard to your hand.
Number of Times Included in DecksCard NameSummary of Effect
7Normal Trap: When your opponent attack, destroy all their attack position monsters.
7Quick Play Spell: Special summon four sheep tokens.
7Counter Trap: Negate and destroy any card activation or monster summoning.
7Dark, Spellcaster Monster: Can absorb an opponent's monster to gain its attack and defense, and it freezes all your opponent's monsters.
6Normal Spell: For 800 life points, take control of an opponent's monster for one turn.
6Dark, Winged-Beast Monster: By discarding this card, you can banish one card from your opponent's graveyard.
6Light, Warrior Monster: When this monster battles, you can banish it and your opponent's monster.
6Normal Trap: Destory one of your opponent's spell or trap cards, and then set one from your hand
6Dark, Plant Monster: When this monster is destroyed, special summon from your deck a dark monster with 1500 or less attack points.
6Dark, Fiend Monster: When this monster is destroyed, add a monster with 1500 or less attack points from your deck to your hand.

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