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Can you name the the facts about Marty McFly?

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Basic Info
Played by this actor 
Good Friend's Name 
Father's Name 
Mother's Name 
Main Antagonist's Name 
Girlfriend's Name 
School Disciplinarian's Name (He never had hair) 
Home Town 
Uses this to travel around town 
Year that Back to the Future starts in 
Part 1
The time machine is made out of this car 
Car must reach this speed to travel through time 
What makes time travel possible 
Needs 1.21 _________ of energy to time travel 
First travels back in time at this location 
The year he first travels back to 
People in the past mistakenly think he is wearing one of these 
His mother mistakenly calls him this 
Plays this song at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance (The one that 'really cooks') 
Is sent back to the future when this is struck by lightning 
Part 2
The year first traveled to in this film 
Son's Name 
Daughter's Name 
Main Antagonist's Grandson 
Before this film, the time machine was converted into this 
Marty uses this to escape a gang 
This film was showing at the Holomax Theater 
Won the most recent World Series (Beating Miami) 
What Marty buys to make money off time travel 
The company founded by the Main Antagonist 
Part 3
The year traveled back to this film 
Great-Great Grandfather's Name 
Main Antagonist's Great-Grandfather 
Name he gave to hide his identity 
These are eaten by a bear 
He saves his Good Friend by throwing this 
Uses this as a trick to stop bullets (As seen in A Fistful of Dollars) 
What he used to get the time machine to go fast enough to travel through time 
Rival who tried to street race him 
Insult that he finally got over in this film 

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