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Can you name the phrases in which the words are all the same length?

Quiz Updated Nov 9, 2016

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1967 Arab-Israeli conflict that lasted from June 5 to June 103x3
Folktale with a troll under a bridge4x5
What RAM stands for3x6
Vampire movie set in a Mexican strip club4x4
What Mr. Reagan told Mr. Gorbachev to do in Berlin4x4
''Going too quickly will result in errors''3x5
How the Lord spoke to Elijah in 1 Kings3x5
One of Shakespeare's ''problem plays''5x4
''Wow! I had that exact same idea!''4x5
Multiple Razzie winner starring Kevin Kline and Will Smith3x4
Ben Affleck movie about a kidnapped girl3x4
Jaws, for one3x5
Bring expenses within income3x4
Full name of America's 40th President3x6
1952 Ernest Hemingway novel6x3
It's been awarded to Henry Kissinger and Mother Teresa3x5
Robert Gibbs briefs them daily in the West Wing4x5
1978 Burstyn/Alda film about a long-lasting but very occasional affair4x4
Robert Burns poem sung at New Year's3x4
Pronunciation change between Middle and Modern English3x5
The smallest province in Canada3x6
Motto of the Three Musketeers7x3
The ''Nine Days' Queen''3x4
Place that's just as comfortable as your own living space4x4
A U.S. state and its capital4x4

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