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Can you name the teams of the Women's Football Alliance?

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Real fans, of course, won't need the clues in the third column, but for the rest of us, they should help. All 59 teams who played in 2011 are listed, except Memphis, who apparently didn't have a team name. They're a young league; cut them some slack.
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LocationTeamOther clue
AcadianaSouthern Louisiana musical style
ArizonaBooth, Oswald, Czolgosz, and so on
AtlantaTom Petty's backup band
AustinFugitives, as in the Wild West
Bay AreaMasked thieves
BostonMartial body mentioned in the 2nd Amendment
Carolina''___ Bull'' + timber ____
Central CalArmed conflict + seraphim and cherubim
ChicagoMass times acceleration
CincinnatiThe sound of bacon frying
ClevelandCombination of two atomic nuclei or cuisines
ColumbusHalley and Hale-Bopp, among others
D.C.Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, etc.
DallasThey're a 10 on the Mohs' scale
DaytonThey're a girl's best friend
DetroitJessica Alba TV series (and namesakes)
ErieDeception, either magical or optical
Gulf CoastStrong surface current away from shore
HoustonAuthority; electricity; exponent
Indy2005 Oscar winner for Best Picture
Iowa[S]udden [b]urst, [a]s [f]rom [a] [b]omb
JacksonvilleActress Carter + Aqua and cyan
Kansas City300 of them died at Thermopylae
Kansas CityThe Apache, the Hopi, or the one called Quest
Kentucky''___ Chameleon'' (Culture Club song)
KeystoneBattery's partner in crime
Las VegasTerrible NC-17 movie about stripperz
Little RockBobcats or lynxes
Lone StarSix-time Car & Driver Ten Best cars from Ford
LocationTeamOther clue
Los AngelesHippolyta was their queen
MiamiOne of the Erinyes (or Marvel Comics' Nick)
MinnesotaYou might be welcomed to it or rage against it
NebraskaMufasa is trampled by one
New EnglandA frightening dream
New OrleansSomething burning intensely (in glory?)
New YorkIn New York, they opposed the Jets
NortheasternExplosive prefix for 'glycerin'
OrlandoState of lawlessness
PacificFighters (often opposing wizards)
Palm BeachThose who impose penalties (like spankings)
PhiladelphiaA pun on a famous cracked Philly landmark
PittsburghIt gives a Jedi his power
PittsburghThe pre-crucifixion suffering of Jesus
Portland''Five for _____'' + Young mares
San DiegoLead singer for The Police
San DiegoIncrease in US troops in Iraq in 2007
SavannahCompanions for foils and epees
Silver StateSubtitle of the 2010 Tron sequel
So CalThey sang ''Rock You Like a Hurricane''
SpokaneOpen dislike and disrespect or derision
St. LouisWord after ''grand'' or before ''dunk''
Tampa BayDepp, Knightley, and Bloom played them
ToledoA monarch's time on the throne
TulsaScores two below par in golf
UtahAttack (as in a ballroom, according to Sweet?)
West MichiganDr. Teeth and the Electric ____ (Muppet band)
WisconsinMythical flying fire-breathing serpents
WisconsinWild canines

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