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Musical revue featuring five actresses and the song ''All Girl Band''
Norman Jewison film in which Al Pacino shouts, ''This whole trial is out of order!''
1954 Newbery Medal winner by Joseph Krumgold about a Hispanic-American boy
Ten-word self-titled debut album of 1998 from a Texas art-rock band
Either one of Britney Spears's first two albums
Oscar-winning theme song and #1 hit for Irene Cara in 1983
Feminist children's record of the early 1970s featuring Marlo Thomas, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and many others
1964 thriller with Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland
Neil Diamond hit in which ''no one heard, not even the chair''
Grammy-winning dual album by Beyoncé (and her alter ego)
Reality show featuring ''famous'' people in difficult conditions
Sitcom about Al and Peg Bundy and their two kids
Apartheid-era play by Athol Fugard about 17-year-old Hally and his two black servants
1987 Sting album with a title taken from a Shakespearean sonnet
5x-platinum album by Poison featuring ''Every Rose Has Its Thorn''
Jonathan Larson's posthumous hit followup to ''Rent''
Thirteen-word Jon Cryer film of 1998
2007 Justin Timberlake hit that followed ''SexyBack'' and ''My Love''
1989 Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan romantic comedy with a famous deli scene
First comedy album by Jeff Foxworthy, named for the six-word start of his trademark jokes

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