Two Missing Triples

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Can you name the words missing the same three-letter sequence twice?

Updated Apr 14, 2014

How to Play
Also try: Triple Homophones
Either the entire word ("wingdings") or the missing three letters ("ing") can be entered.
③RTYSOME③NG1988 Emmy winner for Drama Series
PH③M③N1996 Travolta/ Sedgwick movie
STOM③③EAbdominal pain
③HE③ICSAlgebra, calculus, etc.
③ROCOS③At a small, representative level
③ET③KChurchill Downs or Pimlico, for instance
③PSI③RCinderella had two evil ones
③S③RUSElement #15
③ST③IUMElement #99
③LADEL③AFirst Oscar-winning movie for Tom Hanks
NO③③Gibberish, drivel, rubbish
CO③③DHaving peace of mind and satisfaction
W③RG③Hotel synonymous with the downfall of Nixon
③-TO③HERInformal social gathering
③③NATIJerry Springer was its mayor
ALBU③R③Largest city in New Mexico
SEV③E③HLike Andrew Johnson or the letter Q
③-HAI③Like Lucille Ball or the Weasleys
③ACAD③AMagician's word
U③RHA③DMarked by secrecy and deception
M③T③Preserve, uphold
③IZAT③Process of charging an atom
C③BO③Recyclable box material
③DS③THRomantic poet William
INT③P③EScatter throughout
CHI③③Small nervous Mexican dog
A③D③TSThere are ten in the Bill of Rights
INGR③③NGWinning favor (with)
INS③③EOUSWithout a moment's delay
③ERGRO③Word after ''Velvet'' or before ''Railroad''

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