Two Missing Triples: Phrases Edition

Random Language or General Knowledge Quiz

Can you name the phrases missing the same three-letter sequence twice?

Updated May 19, 2014

How to Play
W③ SID③ORY''America'' and ''Maria'' musical
BO③Y H③ERBoba Fett, Milo Boyd, or Dog
D③Y M③British tabloid
GAR③ OF E③Cherubim defend it, per Genesis 3:24
F③ W③HCity 35 miles west of Dallas
SO③ F③EExplosion on the sun
AT③③Fission-based weapon of mass destruction
③PLE ③ONHe met a pieman going to the fair
DIR③ OBJ③It follows a transitive verb
PO③GE ③MPIt goes in the upper right of an envelope
LO③ ③LIt has no extra charge, on a phone
TROP③F CAPR③RNIt's at 23.5 degrees south
③ MISERAB③Jean Valjean's musical
G③LT③SHJewish dish made of ground carp
ICH B③IN BERL③RJohn F. Kennedy assertion
M③IAL ③SKarate, judo, capoeiro, etc.
GON③TH TH③NDMargaret Mitchell novel
POL③ OFF③RMember of ''the city's finest''
ST③ MAN③RNarrator of ''Our Town''
CO③ ③SIONNew recording of a song
THE SCAR③ ③TERNovel in which Hester Prynne wears a red ''A''
C③GE ③DSPass from one owner to another
ST③O A③ENCEPeople attending a TV show filming
S③E ③TReplacement piece kept as a backup
SANTA ③③ACalifornia setting for an '80s soap opera
THE H③YMO③RSSitcom about Ralph and Alice Kramden
SE③TH HEA③State of extreme joy
S③KE I③CHSuddenly come into wealth
THE IN③PRE③Thriller starring Nicole Kidman as a translator
③OW THE ③TUnfair (like a punch!)

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