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Can you name the forty phrases starting with the initials ''C.M.''?

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Humphrey Bogart played Captain Queeg in it, with ''The''
Alice, in Wonderland, had to use a flamingo as one
People's Republic of China founder and leader, familiarly
Physics as applied to astronomical bodies
You do it to remove fractions from an equation
Ben & Jerry's banana ice cream with fudge and walnuts
''Inception'' and ''Batman Begins'' actor
Rum brand with a pirate mascot
Tubmate of the butcher and the baker
''Haystacks'' and ''Water Lilies'' artist
Directional, shrapnel-filled buried explosive
Amount needed for a nuclear chain reaction, at the minimum
You can accuse him in Clue
She wrote ''The Heart is a Lonely Hunter'' and ''A Member of the Wedding''
Puritan minister involved in the Salem witch trials
Religious origin story
Original enlistee in a group
US senator from Missouri
Toxic auto emission controlled by a catalytic converter
City and state where MIT is located
Metal rings linked to form armor
American Library Association's award for picture book artists
Nicole Kidman/Renee Zellweger movie
Desktop's display device
Marx & Engels' 1848 book, with ''The''
''Animal Crackers'' co-star
Norway or the UK's form of government
Yummy cocoa-flavored dairy drink
Hank Williams and Patsy Cline's genre
Actor in ''Boston Public'' and ''Pushing Daisies''
Police procedural about the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit
Phase before or after new, lunarly
You might use it to brew your morning caffeine
Robitussin, for example
Edgar Bergen's monocled ventriloquist dummy
Tommy Chong's comedy partner
Undying lead character of ''Highlander''
Roman chariot-racing venue
Noodle, onion, and celery staple of American Chinese food
Sirius is its brightest star

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