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Can you name the words that alternate consonants and vowels?

Quiz Updated Sep 17, 2014

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48 mile shipping route finished in 1914 (11, 2 wds)
Famed New Zealand soprano (12, 3 wds)
Its capital is Abu Dhabi (full name!) (18, 3 wds)
The appearance of truth or realism (14)
Florida home of the Kennedy Space Center (13, 2 wds)
Combat-free: the ''DM'' in ''DMZ'' (13)
Caesar's declaration of conquest (12, 3 wds)
It flows through the Grand Canyon (13, 2 wds)
Genre for Yanni or Enya (11, 3 wds)
Barry Manilow song about Lola, Tony, and Rico (10)
The ability to move objects without touching them (11)
She might patrol in uniform (11)
The Western Hemisphere, south of the US (12, 2 wds)
Investigator of suspicious deaths, like Jack Klugman's Quincy (15, 2 wds)
Showing no mental creativity (13)
Not the least bit sorry (12)
Cold side dish with elbow pasta (13, 2 wds)
In partial ruin through misuse; broken-down (11)
6-term senator from New Mexico (12, 2 wds)
Like base 16 (11)

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