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Only the one cat, unfortunately, and he smiles way too much. On the other hand, the party sounded great; there was both a hare and a dormouse! I'd have to save one as leftovers.Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
This book had the right idea, and I'd stage a coup right here except that I can't open food bags without thumbs. Still, too many pigs, and only the one cat (who isn't around much).Animal Farm
What a stupid book. If she hadn't spent all her time carrying her dog, she could have gotten to the City twice as fast! Besides, she had a lion with her; why did she need a dog?The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lots of people, but in spite of the title, no rodents at all. We don't even get to see Lennie's tasty-sounding rabbits. On the plus side: a dog dies!Of Mice and Men
The title is totally false advertising! I thought this would be a how-to book, and instead it's about a Southern lawyer. And it's not a sin! They're tasty!To Kill a Mockingbird
Too many owls and rats, especially considering they never get eaten. I liked the witch; she understands that a cat is a proper familiar. And Minerva is a strong feline role model.The Harry Potter series
This book didn't make any sense at all. We cats never wear headgear, we don't associate with Things, and any self-respecting cat would have eaten the goldfish at the start.The Cat in the Hat
Now this is excellent: a cat as a stand-in for Jesus. I was so sad when he got killed on that altar, I couldn't eat for minutes! (I'm glad he came back.)The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Totally unacceptable. Drawing the Nazis as cats? And the Americans as dogs? What a stupid comic book; there aren't even superheroes. (Like Catwoman. Mrowl.)Maus
Oh, look, you're a bird. And you can fly. Bor-ring! You want a good book? There once was a bird named JLS, and I went down to the beach and ATE him. The end.Jonathan Livingston Seagull
I appreciate any poet who loves cats this much. I'm not a Jellicle cat, myself, but I do have three names. Which I will now ponder. (Ommmmmm.)Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
Yeah, yeah, typing cockroach, how exciting. I want to hear more about the alley cat! Man, she's so right: toujours gai, toujours gaiarchy and mehitabel

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