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Forced Order
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Requires a list and a commonality to apply
Scalia's dissent in Babbit used this to argue the term 'harm' meant direct harm
The mention of one thing is the exclusion of another
Identical words in a statute should have
Ginsberg's dissent in Muscarello
Instructs courts to view statutory terms as a part of the legislation in which they were enacted
No clause or word shall be superfluous
In Ali v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, the list in the statute was disjunctive so it could not be what?
Statutes addressing the same subject matter should be read as if they were one law
When the interpretation of a statute makes it arbitrary or nonsensical
Unlike the majority in Muscarello, the Court found this to apply in Us v. Santos
Requires congress to use specific language when affecting substantive interests
In US v. Locke, the defendants tried to argue for this canon
Avoid the interpretation which would raise grave doubts as to the constitutionality of the Act
Not given controlling weight, but sometimes courts will look at these within a statute to confirm their interpretation
Under State Farm, an agency's rule cannot be what?
What case says that informal guidance may be given Chevron deference?
What case did the Court use 'Changed Circumstance' to rectify their decision?
The government in Holy Trinity used this canon to try and argue 'ministers' were not an exception to the statute.
Even without Chevron deference an interpretation of a statute may still be permissible if persuasive under what case?

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