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Where is Taeyeon hometown?
Taeyeon's birthdate? (dd-mm-yyyy)
In 2008 Taeyeon graduated from?
Taeyeon debut as Girls' Generation leader in year?
Beside 'leader' Taeyeon also take what position in SNSD?
Taeyeon's little sister name?
Taeyeon's brother name?
How many years different between Taeyeon and her brother?
Taeyeon's parents eyeglasses shop name?
Taeyeon's roomate before Sunny?
With whom Taeyeon sang a duet song during trainee days?
And the title of the song?
The title of Taeyeon's duet song with Kangta?
Taeyeon's song from 'OST Beethoven Virus'?
Taeyeon's OST 'Hong Gil Dong'?
Taeyeon's character in Despicable Me?
Taeyeon's duet song with Sunny?
Taeyeon's partner on MBC We Got Married?
Taeyeon's solo song at Girls' Generation 1st tour?
Taeyeon recieved this nickname during DJing on MBC Radio Chinhan Chingu
In 2010, Taeyeon's made her musical debut taking the main female role named?
The title of Taeyeon's musical?
Taeyeon sang the song 'Different' with who?
The talk show that Taeyeon mcing with 2PM's Wooyoung?
Taeyeon's song from 'OST Athena'?
In 2012, Taeyeon appear in what SBS drama as a cameo?
Taeyeon duet song with Tiffany in GG 2nd Tour?
Taeyeon's song from OST 'King 2 Hearts'?
Taeyeon's fans called?
Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun?
Every Saturday, Taeyeon's MCing Music Core with her fellow members?
BONUS: Taeyeon made this chant 'Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae!' True or False?

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