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Who died by Sickness
Who found the Grand Canyon
Who explored with 1,000 indians and 300 spanish men
Who traveled through He traveled through Colorado, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma
Who died by Natural Causes
Who was born in Salamanca, Spain
Who explorered for gold and glory
What is Francisco and Cabeza A Dutch B French C Spanish or D English
Who's family was very wealthy
Where did Coronado explore A Europe B South Karia C Grand Canyon D Antarctica
What did they explore for
Who explored with Antonio de Mendoza
Who found he Rio Grande
Who explored for the governor of Spain
Who died at the age of 44
Who looked for exploring for the Seven Cities of Gold
Who was the first European Explorer.
Who had a large exploration
Who sailed on a ship called the Magedelena
Where did Cabeza de Vaca explore A South America B China C North America D Paris

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