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Can you name the Dutch cities based on these hints?

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Forced Order
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Hint #1CityHint #2
CapitalRed Light District
Cheese MarketCornelis Drebbel
Operation Market GardenAudrey Hepburn
Borough of New YorkRutger Hauer
Blue and White PotteryJohannes Vermeer
Round CheesesTrijntje Keever
Philips ElectronicsPSV
Fireworks DisasterGrolsch
CheeseCheese Market
Neighbourhood in ManhattanFrans Hals
Cape (Geographical)Frank de Boer
MC EscherMata Hari
Hint #1CityHint #2
RembrandtPilgrim Fathers
1992 European Union Treatyd'Artagnan
Four Day MarchesEddie van Halen
Bilderberg GroupBritish War Cemetery
AirportBelow Sea Level
Seat of GovernmentInternational Court of Justice
Neighbourhood in BrooklynMiffy
Neighbourhood in QueensMichiel de Ruyter
Traditional ClothingFishing
Vincent van GoghFlower Parade

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