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Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon. I certainly hope we will.
Rolling with some Cajun Queen. Wishing I were a fast freight train,
So I get home at five o'clock, And I take myself out a nice, cold beer.
Locked and loaded Voices screaming, Let's go Come on do it, here we go
I'm expressing with my full capabilities And now I'm living in correctional facilities Cause some don't agree with how I do this
But you always came crawlin back beggin me for more. I showed you kindness a stool and a tab. Then you poured me my pain in a dirty glass
Believe in me Help me believe in anything I want to be someone who believes
she was a bitch, but I don't care she brought our food out on time and wore a funky barrette in her hair
The best you should get nothing more nothing less Give me your digits jot down your address I'll bet you confess when you put me to the test
There are times when you're feeling close to the ground And there's times when you may feel there's no place to call home And there's times when your best friend just seems so far
I painted your room at Midnight, so I'd know Yesterday was over
The reverend he turned to me Without a tear in his eyes It's nothing new for him to see
Got a sassy chassis, sparklin in the sun All four small bald fat tires rockin through the sand and burnin' up
Thirty notes in the mailbox will tell you that I'm coming home and I think I'm gonna stick around
Got my pills 'gainst mosquito death My buddy's breathin' his dyin' breath Oh god please won't you help me make it through
I can finally afford to provide my family with groceries Got a crib with a studio and it's all full of tracks To add to the wall full of plaques
I stab people, 4, 5 people everyday I tried to see a shrink to stop that s**t but it ain't no F***ing way
So watcha thinking Mr. Raggedy man? Doin' all you can to look like Raggedy Ann.
Can I take you out to the pictures, Joan? But as she's getting ready to go A knock comes on the door
Do as you are told and maybe then we'll let you out You might be dead and cold, you might be full of doubt

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