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QUIZ: Can you name the Akinator: Who is Guessed More?

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Kevin Smith Battle: Jay vs. Silent Bob
Religious Figure Battle: Jesus vs. Buddha
Forget About Them Battle: Ex-Girlfriend vs Imaginary friend
Fast Food Battle: The King vs. Ronald McDonald
Video Game Battle: Mario vs. Pacman
Racer Battle: Tony Stewart vs. Kimi Raikkonen
90's Cartoon Battle: Arnold (Hey Arnold) vs. Doug Funnie (Doug)
Fictional Cat Battle: Hobbes vs. Garfield
Nirvana Battle: Kurt Cobain vs. Dave Grohl
Rounders Battle: Worm vs. Teddy KGB
Stephen King Battle: Pennywise vs. Randall Flagg
Superhero Battle: Superman vs. Batman
Horror Villian Battle: Pinhead vs. The Tall Man
Horror Directors Battle: Wes Craven vs. George Romero
Sports Night Battle: Dan Rydell vs. Casey McCall
Fictional Singers Battle: Jeff Bebe vs David St. Hubbins
Comedy Singers Battle: Weird Al vs. Stephen Lynch
Comedians Battle: Dave Chapell vs. Chris Rock
Star Wars Battle: Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader
Lost Battle: Jack Shepard vs. John Locke

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