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the fall of small particles of ice that are clear or translucenta wintertime phenomenon
 aka freezing rain
precipitation in the form of hard, rounded pellets or irregular lumps of icemay happen during a thunderstorm
instrument that produces the images shown in weathercastsWTHR Channel 13's is called Doplar 9000
a reflected signalwhat happens when you yell in a cave
___________ weather modificationdeliberate human intervention to influence atmospheric processes that constitute the weather
triggering, intensifying, or redirecting atmospheric processesmessing with clouds
occurs when the air temp. falls to 32 F or belowthe fruit grower's plight
used to fill the air with carbon particlesproduces dense black smoke
deposit of ice crystals formed by the freezing of supercooled fog or cloud dropletsforms on objects whose suface temp. is below freezing
__________ rain gaugeallows for accurate measure of rainfall
trace of ______________when total rainfall is less than .01 inches it is reported as being this
_________-bucket gaugemeasures rainfall by using two buckets
__________ gaugemeasures precip. by the pressure against a spring balance
an ice nucleus of a hailstone(pg 150 figure 5-23)...aka very small hailstones

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