Rick and Morty Trivia Sn 4 Ep 1-5 | TVTP Ep 117

Can you name the Rick and Morty Trivia Sn 4 Ep 1-5? From the podcast TV Trivia Pod (HOW TO PLAY for more info)

One commonality most of the dimensions Rick gets resurrected in is that they are ____ dystopias.
Morty takes a death crystal and will do whatever it takes to die with ____.
Beth tells Summer to stop raising her dad's cholesterol so she can take a ____ ____ ____.
At the same time Morty gets a dragon, Jerry is dealing with a ____ ____.
Morty catches his dragon and Rick doing what intimate activity?
After Rick gets a flat and Morty exits the ship, he gets bitten by a ____ ____.
Rick and Morty listen to ____ ____ from the snake planet.
Rick makes Jerry floaty to help Jerry set up the ____ ____.
Jerry loses a shoe and floats away because he was trying to show off playing ____.
Rick is upset Morty took the Meeseeks boxes, leaving behind what generic version?
What is the name of the app Jerry and Glootie develop?
Jerry and Morty take cover from Glootie because he turns on the ____ ____ app.
The aliens that developed the love app are trying to take Earth’s ____.
What's the reason everyone deletes the love app?
What species are the aliens that perfected functional committed relationships?
What is the name of Morty's dragon?
When Jerry asks Siri to set a timer for 9 hours and 50 minutes, she responds with, “Playing the ____.”
In the breaking news headlines following Morty with the death crystals, one headline at the bottom says, “No matter how you pronounce ____, you sound stupid.

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