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Can you name the Rick and Morty Trivia Sn 3 Ep 6-10? From the podcast TV Trivia Pod (HOW TO PLAY for more info)

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Who does Rick have help him merge toxic and healthy Morty again?
The four Morty's from the citadel go in search of the ____ ____, which might be a myth.
When Morty sees the President again, he asks for a ____.
Rick and Morty ditch out on the President's mission to go play ____ instead.
Morty says his ____ is really annoying, which Rick agrees but also says is Morty’s best quality.
What's the name of the fancy restaurant Morty takes Jessica to on their date?
There’s a factory in the citadel where Ricks are making a wafer called ____ ____.
During the episode about the elections at the citadel, our Rick and Morty went on an adventure to ____.
Morty thinks he sees a guy on the moon, who comes to his school as a guidance counselor under the name Mr. ____.
When Rick makes a machine for Morty to understand animals, which ones are planning government downfalls?
What was the name of Beth's friend that supposedly got eaten by his dad, but Beth convinced herself he went to an imaginary land?
What was the name of Beth's imaginary land when she was younger?
What's the name of the alien Jerry dated that likes to hunt?
Beth says that her friend in the imaginary land gave her his ____ in order to clone him.
What's the name of the Morty strip-club at the citadel?
In Morty's Mind Blowers, what color is Morty's fault?
In Morty's Mind Blowers, what color is Rick’s fault?
In Morty's Mind Blowers, what color is the family’s fault?
Rick uses a machine to bring zip ties to him. What does Morty use it for?
The President says the Office can't coexist with a god that won't submit to it, referring to Rick. But what god is locked up in Area 51?
Morty and Stacy's safe word is ____ ____.

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