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A manager who is not associated with any specific functional area but who provides overall administrative guidance and leadershipKinds of Managers
A manager who implements the strategy and major policies developed by the top managerKinds of Managers
A role that involves various aspects of management decision makingManagerial Roles
A role in which a manager deals with peopleManagerial Roles
A person charged with managing an organization's human resources programsKinds of Managers
An upper level executive who guides and controls the overall fortunes of an organizationKinds of Managers
A manager who is primarily responsible for an organization's financial resourcesKinds of Managers
A manager who coordinates and supervises the activities of operating employeesKinds of Managers
A manager who manages the system that convert resources into goods and servicesKinds of Managers
A manager who is responsible for facilitating the exchange of products between an organization and its customers/clientsKinds of Managers
The ability to deal effectively with other peopleManagement Skills
The ability to think in abstract termsManagement Skills
A role in which the manager either gathers or provides informationManagerial Roles
A specific skill needed to accomplish a specialized activityManagement Skills

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