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Forced Order
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Whose nickname was Prongs?Harry's Father
What is Goyle's first name?Draco's Friend
What is the first name of Draco's Mother?Sister Of Belatrix
By what name does Nymphadora prefer to be called?Surname
Who shoved Neville off Blackpool Pier?His Great Uncle
What is Crabbe's first name?Draco's Friend
Who does Trevor belong to?Longbottom
What is the surname of Albus Wulfric Percival Brian?His Father Killed 3 Muggles
Whose nickname is Padfoot?Harry's Fathers Best Friend
Who wears a tea cosy on his head?House-Elf
Who is under Professor Quirrell's turban?Riddle
Who is the other Hogwarts Triwizard Champion?Amos' Son
Whose nickname is Wormtail?Rat
How many unforgivable curses are there?Shown By Moody In The Forth Book
Which of his parents does Harry get his eye colour from?Evans
How many Horcruxes are there?Not Including Voldemort Himself
Whose owl is killed by Avada Kedavra?Hedwig
Who is the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher in the second book?Winner Of Witch Weekly's Most Dazzling Smile
Who accuses Lupin of helping Sirius into Hogwarts?Potions Teacher
Who else could the prophecy be about?Trevor

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