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Can you name the answers to these Gagnus trivia questions?

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What is the magic drink from the first night?
What S-Bahn stop did we spend the most time at?
What S-Bahn line traveled from Suedkreuz to Osdorferstrasse?
What board game did we play in Bruges?
What animal was wandering in the red light district of Hamburg?
What movie did we see at the cinema in Strasbourg?
What celebrity did we see at the Detroit Airport?
What is our restaurant in Prague called?
What did we break in my apartment building in Berlin?
What HBO show did we use as an excuse to lie down together?
What English author did we have our first fight about?
What did we drink on the first morning after?
Name a movie we watched together in Berlin.
On what river did we go canoeing?
What did we eat at the restaurant on the first night in Prague?
Name a movie we saw at the cinema in Kalamazoo?
What was the name of the restaurant we ate at in Chicago?
What did Pete and Emela come to Osdorferstrasse to watch on TV?
What attraction did we visit in the dark on the first night in Prague?
What show did we watch a marathon of on Sylvester 2010/2011?
In which Bezirk of Berlin did we have our last meal at a restaurant?
What British punk band's music woke us up at 4am in Bruges?
What color is my Steffanus family shirt?
Where did we go swimming in Berlin?
What is our favorite restaurant in Detroit?

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