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What was our address just before Wayne Rd.?
Where were Sasha & Levi born?
Who was the main star in 'Night of the Tornados'?
What was the main ingredient in a 'DC on ice'?
Who owned the competing airline to Sandpiper Air?
What was the name of the Disney reality series about summer camp?
What was Pink's real name?
What was the name of Uncle Darin's dog when he lived on Arizona?
What type of gecko was Paola?
Who helped me tie you up?
What was the citrus-flavored pop we often drank from Coca-Cola that is now discontinued?
What color was the Dodge Caravan we took to Canada?
Who sang 'Dream On Texas Ladies'?
Who sang 'Heads Carolina, Tails California'?
What river often flooded outside of Mayo, Florida?
What did you drop on my ****' foot in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?
What was dripping down the wall in the nicest hotel we ever stayed at on our way to Florida?
What was the car we drove to Florida in?
Who went with us to Disney World?
From who did we buy 1127 Wayne Rd.?
Who was my favorite teacher living just down Hinckley Blvd.?
Who sang 'Can't Break It To My Heart'?
Which restaurant did we drive to Gaylord to eat at until they opened one in Alpena?
What did we renovate in our house for a whole damn summer?

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