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The creator of the Labyrinth and a great inventor
The daughter of a Titan, meets Leo and Percy, and imprisoned on an island
Looks like a giant teddy bear, life depends on a piece of wood
Zeus' jealous wife, and the queen goddess of the heavens
Aunt Em, looks hideous, has a love for stone statues
Terrified of heights even though she practically owns the sky
Bianca's little brother and Hade's son
Very funny, 'All the ladies luv _____', son of Hephaestus
The god of the underworld, Persephone's husband, and Hazel's dad
A cyclops, Poseidon's son, loves Annabeth and peanut butter
Can fly, son of Jupiter (not Zeus)
The daughter of Athena and Percy's girlfriend
Jason's girlfriend, hates being Aphrodite's daughter
Coach Gleeson ________
The goddess of farming and the mother of Persephone
The best friend of Percy and a satyr (not a faun)
Ares' daughter, generally hates Percy, a bully

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