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Character Description from CreditsMovie
First Scalped Nazi; OSS Commander Who Agrees to Deal; Nazi Usher #1
Piano Teacher; Groundhog Official; Flat Tire Lady
Page Crushed by Rabbit; King of Swamp Castle; Guard who Falls into Barrels
2nd Nazi; Arab Swordsman; Peruvian Porter
Gold Two; Cantina Patron; Massassi Outpost Announcer
Blond Treehorn Thug; Nihilist #3; Malibu Police Chief
Baptism Observer; Cop Outside Hospital; Sonny's Bodyguard
Head Elf; Kid with Goggles; Fire Chief at Schoolyard
Frost Giant Sentry; Asgardian Demigoddess; SHIELD Guard
Blondie; Mexican Peon; Angel Eyes
Angry Hockey-Playing Customer; Low IQ Video Customer; Caged Animal Masturbator
The Narrator; Next Month's Opponent; Bruised Bar Patron #2
Meanest Dude; Man Who Measures Dead Horse; Sorority Girl
Character Description from CreditsMovie
Miss Torso; Woman with Bird; Man Winding Clock in Songwriter's Apartment
Blind Man; Gravedigger; Cat Hit by Dart
Girl Whose Party It Is; X-Phile #1; Klepto Kid
Amir's Daughter; Iraqi Interrogation Sergeant; Soldier with a Stack of Levi's
Man in Talking Pictures Demonstration; Gangster in Broadway Melody Ballet; Old Man Getting Umbrella
Can of Vegetables; Raft Camper #1; Bear Claw Coach
Ephor #5; Spartan Baby Inspector; Armless Concubine
Helpful Hawaiian Waiter; Puppeteer; Spanish Sex Girl
Bruce's Supermodel Girlfriend #2; Ferry Prisoner; Convoy Leader
Wichita; Zombie Meter Maid; Victim in Bathroom
Public TV News Anchor; Fondue Restaurant Patron; Eager Cameraman
Independence Hall Guide; Colonial Scout; Knight Templar

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