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What are bones made out of?
How are bones formed?
What are the functions of bones?
What is the growth plate called?
What connects bone to muscles?
What connects bone to bone?
What two bones does your ACL connect?
What is a sprain?
What is a strain?
What is an incision injury?
What is an abrasion?
What is a contusion?
What is a laceration?
What is an avulsion?
what is a puncture?
what is sublaxation?
what is a fracture?
What is an avulsion fracture?
What is a stress fracture?
What is a spiral fracture?
What is a longitudinal fracture?
Where do compression fractures usually occur?
What is it called when the bone fractures in a diagonal line across the bone?
What is it called when the bone is crushed into smaller pieces?
A green stick fracture usually occurs in_____?
What is a fracture that occurs perpendicular along the bone?
What can happen from a direct impact to the skull?
What is the failure point?

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