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Where individuals or groups are more likely to take part in a research project than others.
A large fraction of those sampled fails to respond.
Anyhitng that influences responces.
Sampling methods that tend to overephasize some characteristics of population.
The entire group represented by the data.
Making sure the population is an average,
Size of a population.
Sample of the entire population.
Any summary found from the data.
Each combonation of people has an equal chance of being selected.
A sample that reflects the corresponding parameters accurately.
Average represented by 'mu'.
Variability represented by 'sigma'.
Splitting the population.
Trial run of the survey you plan to give a larger group.
A portion of the population is not sampled.
Individuals who are conveniently available.
A study with no manipulation of factors have been applied.
An observational study in which subjects are selected and then their previous conditions or behaviors are determined.
An observational study in which subjects are followed to observe future outcomes,
Manipulates factor levels to create treatments.
A variable whose levels are manipulated by the experimenter.
The experimental units assigned to a baseline treatment level, a null, or a placebo treatment
A treatment known to have no effect, administrated so that all groups experience the same conditions
when the probability comes from the long-run relative frequency of the event's occurrence
When the levels of one factor are associated with the levels of another factor in such a way that their effects cannot be seperated.
Any individual associated with an experiment who is not aware of how the subjects have been allocated to treatment groups.
Two events that share no outcomes in common
when one event occurs that does not change the probability that the other event occurs
between 0 and 1, reports the likelihood of an event's occurrence
If A and B are disjoint events, then the probability of A or B is P(A U B) = P(A) + P(B)
When the probability is subjective and represents your personal degree of belief
states that the probability of the entire sample space must be 1
Sample must be at least 10% of the population
requiring events to be independent
a probability that takes into account a given condition
a display of conditional events or probabilities that is helpful in thinking through conditioning
the collection of all possible values and the probabilities that they occurr
states that the binomial probability model is approximately Normal if we expect at least 10 successes and 10 failures
states the data values must be sampled randomly, or the concept of a sampling distribution makes no sense

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