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Can you name the trivia from the movie series 'Pirates of the Caribbean'?

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The fifth film's subtitle
The main enemy of the fifth film
The year of release of the first film
Will there be a sixth film?
The place where people went when they were claimed by the sea
The one whose blood is/was needed to break the curse in the first film
Governor's daughter
The main enemy of the first film
The main enemy of the second and the third film
The series is all about these
Barbossa's pet
The year of release of the fifth film
The one who breaks the trident of Poseidon in the fifth film
The year of release of the second film
Barbossa's daughter
Also known as Calypso
The year of release of the third film
The fourth film's subtitle
The third film's subtitle
The place where Jack got his crew in the first film
The theme song
Davy Jones' ship
The main character
The year of release of the fourth film
You're the worst pirate I have ever heard of.
The first film's subtitle
The best ship
The second film's subtitle
One of the fastest ships in the first film
You like pain?
Loves the governor's daughter

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