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The Apocalyptic Trilogy is a rebirth of what level?
What is the most famous demon level?
When was Geometry Dash released?
What was the second online level ever called?
What is the most inconsistent level, hence why it's the hardest demon ever?
What is the level created as a parody by Sea1997?
Where was the creator of the game born?
Who is the verifier of Glowy?
What is the very first online level called?
What is the most recent released Hell level?
Who forgotten creator built the famous 'The Hell' series?
In which update was the first official demon released?
When was the creator of the game born?
What was the level that inspired the creator to add 'Demon' difficulty?
What is the Top 10 level that ToshDeluxe verified?
What is the most used song in Geometry Dash?
What is the level that inspired the UFO?
Who is the second registered user?
What was the first collab level?
What was one of the first famous megacollabs?
Who makes series' called 'Legends Series' and 'Maps From Hell'?
What level is Knobbelboy trying to verify?
What is 'the cursed level' which went through EIGHT verifiers before it got verified?
Who created Geometry Dash?
What were the 2 mobile systems to which Geometry Dash was first released on?

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