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Can you name the Famous Geometry Dash Players?

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Second to survive the Bloodbath (after verifier)
The most subscribed GD channel excluding the game's creator
The best creator to many, owns/owned the Caustic account
Verified The Hell Factory by TeamN2
Verified WcropoliX, an unrated demon harder than Bloodbath (when BB was the hardest demon)
Creator of Windy Landscape
#1 on Top 100 leaderboard
One of the best 60hz players of the world until he got 144hz and beat Bloodbath almost instantly
Creator of AlterGames
Verified Erebus by Rustam and Ilrell, the hardest demon (12.8.2017)
Verified Yatagarasu and Sakupen Hell
Verified Photovoltaic by Mazl
Black Blizzard, Heartbeat, Conical Depression...
Second victor of Yatagarasu after giving up on the unnerfed version
The Creator and the best player ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Creator of Sonic Wave
Creator of Crimson Clutter, the guy who got Down Bass by Spectra rated
Hardest demon: Cataclysm, he thinks ICDX is harder than Cataclysm
Creator of many levels, for example Blade of Justice (with LazerBlitz)
Creator of Bausha Vortex
One of GD's veterans, creator of Nine Circles
The current best player
Reverified Allegiance to fix the 2.1 bug, working on WoodKid by Jakerz
Verified Sonic Wave legitimately
Verifying Bloodlust
Verified Zobros' final GD project, Nine CircleX on Viprin's account
Verified the original Allegiance
Verified Blade of Justice
Fourth to survive the Bloodbath (including verifier)
Reverified A Bizarre Phantasm
Verifying The Hell Series
Fifth to survive the Bloodbath (including verifier)
UserID 20
Legitimately reverified End of the World by DemonClown
#1 Creator on GD
Verified Bloodbath, the hardest demon in the game for over a year.
Verified Devil Vortex by Rustam
One of, if not the best wave player in GD
Verified Silent Club with a few nerfs (orb spams pretty much changed to straight flying)
World #1 on leaderboards for a long time in 2.0

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