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Finch's deceased friend
Reese and Finch's HQ
First appearance of Zoe Morgan
Finch's partner before Reese
Fusco's corrupt friend who Reese killed in the Pilot
Name of Season 3 episode 5
Fusco's son
Control's alias in 'Lethe'
POI in Pilot episode
Name of Season 2 episode 19
FBI agent chasing Reese
Finch's town car is a...
Reese's CIA partner
Carter's ex-husband
Reese's actor
Writer of 'Prisoner's Dilemma', 'Bury the Lede' and 'Super'
Character obsessed with the Machine
Creator of show
Finch's fiancee
Carter's son
Reese and Kara's final CIA mission was in...
Crime organization of corrupt cops
The show is set primarily in...
Englishman working for Chinese company
Shaw's actress
Reese and Finch's new recruit in Season 3
Recurring villain (crime boss)
Finch's favorite tea
Carter's killer
Leader of HR

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