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What Colour is Elixir?Easy
What Level Barracks is the Archer?Easy
What Level Barracks is the Wizard?Easy
What Level Barracks is the Giant?Easy
What Colour is the Level 3 Wall?Easy
What Colour is the Level 5 Wall?Easy
What Colour is the Level 7 Wall?Easy
What Colour is the Level 1 Wall?Easy
What Colour is the Minion?Easy
How Many Town Hall Levels Are There?Easy
How Much Elixir is it to get Dragons?Medium
How Much Elixir for Level 1 Pekkas?Medium
How Much Dark Elixir for the Barb King?Medium
And For The Archer Queen?Medium
How Much gold Does it Cost To Join a Clan?Medium
And to Make One?Medium
How Much Elixir is it to Remove A BushMedium
What Colour is Dark Elixir?Medium
How Many Builders Huts do you get to Start with?Medium
How many Gems is the Third?Medium
And The Forth?Medium
How Much Gold For Town Hall Level 9?Medium
And Level 8?Medium
And Level 7?Medium
What is the Max Donated Troops you can give P/Request For Clan Level 1?Medium
How Many Goblin Levels are there?Medium
How Many Percent for 1 Star?Medium
For Three Stars?Easy
How Many Army Camps can you Have?Medium
How many Troops Can you Hold?Hard
How Much to Build a Inferno Tower?Hard
What Update was The Inferno Tower Part Of?Hard
What Year was it Added?Medium
How Much Gold For level 1 Mortar?Medium
For level 4?Hard
For Level 8?Hard
How much Gold for a Level 4 Cannon?Medium
And Level 9?Hard
And Level 13?Hard
How Long Does it Take to Upgrade the Level 8 Wizard Tower?Hard

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