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Can you name the Super Smash Bros stuff by letters of the alphabet?

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Forced Order
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AAssist trophy from Star Fox
BA glowing melee item
CThe original single-player mode in which you face increasingly tougher opponents
DSubspace Emmisary boss that has two sides
EWhat Yoshi's special moves are based on
FStar Fox character with a blue blaster
GAn item from the Mario Bros series that sends anyone in its path flying
HA minigame where you try to hit the sandbag as far as you can
IPopo and Nana make this pair
JA pink, ball-shaped Pokemon
KA pink puff-ball that can copy
LThe green-suited hero from the Zelda series
MClassic Mode boss
NA distracting assist trophy that covers the entire screen
OMr. Game & Watch's counter special move
PAn item used to summon Pokemon
QPikachu's Recovery Move
RMelee character similar to Marth
SThe only two playable characters not from Nintendo
TA minigame in Classic
UA spiked ball that activates when thrown
VEvent # 21 in Brawl
WBrawl stage consitsing of minigames which give you power-ups if completed
X (Second Letter)Lucario's recovery move
YMelee stage based off of a Mario character
ZSheik's secret identity

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