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Can you name the Harry Potter spells?

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Used to summon items
A jet of water
Used to unlock doors and chests
The killing curse
Inflicts pain on the target
Used to defeat dementors
Used to disarm the target, or even push them back
Used to freeze the target
Causes the target to obey the caster's commands
A spell created by The Half Blood Prince (Snape)
Creates light
Counters Lumos
Used to wipe memories
Used to block any minor to strong spell
Used to explode any solid object
Can repair broken and destroyed objects
Used to fight a boggart and turn it into another form
Violently wounds the target as if being slashed by a sword
Makes the target vomit slugs
Stuns the target
Used on Snape, when he promises to protect Draco
Used to levitate objects

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