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Can you name the things to do with basktball?

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Taking 3 or more steps without dribbling is
dribbling ball with both hands or stoping your dribble and then starting it again
touching the ball while inside an imaginary cylinder around the basket
shot in which shot is missed and doesn't touch the rim
result of fouling a player while shooting
position in basketball which acts as a 'quarterback' and controls the ball
position usally given to the tallest player
method used to help and secure a rebound
basic dribbling move where ball is passed from one hand to the opposite hand
stat gained from passing the ball to a teamate and they score
shot where the ball hits the backboard before going in
endline where the basket is; known as the
2 players attempt to trap or defend the same player
defense where each player is responsible for an area of the court
getting double digit scoring in 3 catagories
type of pass that is aimed at a players chest and doesn't bounce
this starts basketball games at half court
offense quickly moving the ball down the court and score before defense can react
result of fouling a player shooting and making a three pointer and then hitting the free throw
basketball drill where 3 players start on the base line and pass the ball to each other then follow behind the pass receive a pass and repeat
when defensive player takes the ball from offensive player
area on either side of the top of the key
quick sprint in the key or along the baseline
laying the ball up on the opposite side of the basket
dribbling move where player does a 360 to get past an opponent
foul called when offensive player runs into or illegally pushes the defensive player
shot where player throws ball into basket strongly
shot where player shoots with one hand high
act where an offensive player blocks a defender from moving
illegal contact between opposing players
amount of free throws given to player who was fouled behind the 3 point line while shooting
points awarded for making a mid range jumper

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