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Can you name the people Aeneas sees in the Underworld?

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Shipwrecked in escape from Troy
Also shipwrecked; commander of the Lycian fleet
Helmsman; eaten by cannibals
Three-headed guard dog
King of Crete, Judge of the Dead
Daughter of Minos, Wife of Theseus, spurned by Hippolytus
Daughter of Erechtheus, wife of Cephalus, mistaken for a wild animal and killed by Cephalus while he is hunting
Mother of Alcmaeon, murdered by her sons to avenge the death of her husband
Wife of Capanaeus, threw herself onto his pyre
Wife of Minos, mother of the Minotaur
Wife of Protesilaus, kills herself after she finds out he has died
Lapith warrior, originally a woman
Queen of Carthage, lover of Aeneas
Husband of above
One of the Seven Against Thebes, mortally wounded by Melanippus, killed him and ate his brains, thus causing Athena to prevent him from becoming a god
One of the Seven Against Thebes, killed by Periclymenus, Amphidicus, or Asphodicus
One of the Seven Against Thebes, and King of Argos
Son of Antenor
Son of Oileus, took command of Philoctetes army after Philoctetes was disabled
Son of Antenor
Priest of Ceres
Son of Dardanus
Son of Priam, murdered by Helen's treachery
One of the Furies, Guardian of Tartarus
Son of Tros, namesake of Troy by its Greek name
Second son of Tros, ruled Dardania after his brother chose to rule Troy
Son of Zeus and Electra, first King of Dardania
Poet and contemporary of Orpheus
Aeneas' father
Son of Aeneas and Lavinia, founder of Alba Longa
King of Alba Longa, father of Numitor and Amulius
Son of Atys, King of Alba Longa
Son of Procas, Father of Rhea Silvia
Grandson of Aeneas
Future Founder of Rome, son of Rhea Silvia
Triumvir claiming descent from Aeneas and Romulus
First Roman Emperor
Second Roman King
Third Roman King
Fourth Roman King
Fifth and Seventh Roman Kings
Founder of the Roman Republic
One of several 4th and 3rd Century BC consuls
Clan that Nero was descended from
Consul who challenged a massive Gaul to single combat and won
Roman dictator who defeated the Gauls
Another Triumvir, defeated at Pharsalus
Famous Roman statesman who became censor
One of a series of consuls in the Cornelii Gens
Tribunes of the Plebs, murdered after trying to redistribute farmland
Several Consuls, the most famous of whom defeated Hannibal
Consul who negotiated peace terms with Pyrrhus of Epirus
Consul who was supposedly sowing his fields when he learned he was elected consul
306 members of a family who fought and died at Cremera in 477
Consul in the Second Punic War
The third and final general to receive the spolia opima
Descendent of the above, and nephew of Augustus, who died at around age 19

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