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Can you name the Roman Emperors who Persecuted Christians?

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Years of PersecutionEmperorNature of Persecution
64Execution of Christians as scapegoats for the Great Fire of Rome
c. 95-96Little evidence, except execution of Titus Flavius Clemens
c. 109-111Unspecified punishment of Christians who refused to perform pagan sacrifices, Christians were not sought out
c. 169-180, with a peak at 177Exile of known Christians; Persecution in Lyons
c. 193-211, peaks in 197, 202-203, 211Execution of Christians who refused to sacrifice, Christians were not sought out
235Executions of many Christians; Banishment of Pope Pontian to Sardinian mines
250-251All citizens who sacrificed received tickets, those without tickets were executed
Years of PersecutionEmperorNature of Persecution
257-260Requirement that all Christian clergy sacrifice; punished first by exile, then by death
299, 303-305Requirement that all members of imperial court sacrifice; 'Great Persecution,' under which all who would not sacrifice were executed
305-311Continuation of persecution of predecessor
305-313Continuation of persecution of predecessor, even after Edict of Toleration
303-305Signed on to edicts of 'Great Persecution' as Caesar, generally disapproved of persecution
361-363Execution of some Christian leaders secretly, banning Christians from secular teaching

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