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Can you name the Countries that lost their independence?

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753 B.C.-1453 A.D.Gradually dissolved until it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire
814-146 B.C.Conquered by the Romans after the 3rd Punic War
550-330 B.C.Conquered by Alexander the Great
140 B.C.-6 A.D.Dissolved and made a part of the Roman Province that bore its name
429-533Conquered by the Byzantine Empire
450-1282Annexed by England to form part of the Principality of Wales
752-1870Absorbed into Italy after the Reunification, later given back control over Vatican City by the Lateran Accords
843-1707Became a part of the Kingdom of Great Britain after the Act of Union
862-1795Conquered by France, later became part of Belgium
1071-1794Conquered by France, later became part of Belgium
1197-1533Conquered by Spain under Pizarro
1282-1861Merged into the Kingdom of Italy after the Expedition of the Thousand
1325-1521Conquered by Spain under Cortez
1525-1918Dissolved after WWI, became a Free State within the Weimar Republic
1795-1898Annexed by the United States by the Newlands Resolution
1836-1846Annexed by the United States and admitted as a state
1854-1902Lost independence after Boer War; currently part of South Africa
1907-1949Merged with Canada after a National Convention
1932-1945Returned to China after the defeat of Japan in WWII
1961-1964Merged with Zanzibar to form Tanzania

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