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Can you name the Led Zeppelin Songs from their Titles in Latin?

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Forced Order
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Latin Song TitleEnglish Song Title
Dies Celebrationis
Ubi Agger Effringit
Boni Spatii Mali Spatii
Super Colles et Procul
Niger Montis Clivus
Quot Plura Tempora
Pluviae Cantus
Quid Est Et Quid Nunquam Debet Esse
Latin Song TitleEnglish Song Title
Furca Asser
Tempus Tuum Veniet
Vivens Amans Virgo (Modo Femina Est)
Totus Mei Amoris
Tibi Gratias Ago
Caliginosorum Montium Saltus
Advenae Cantus
Nuntiorum Mora
Scalae Ad Caelum
Cantus Manet Idem

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