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Forced Order
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Nephew of a deceased man discovers a terrifying secret after picking up the trail of an investigation conducted by said uncle
Three burglars target the house of a solitary old man with disastrous results
A Frankenstein type scientist attempts to revive corpses
A meteorite with strange properties strikes a family farm; madness and death ensue
Randolph Carter explores the dream world for the location of the Gods, in hopes of being granted access to a city he once saw in a dream
A visitor to a seaside Massachusetts city discovers the horrible secrets behind the town's ill repute and its denizen's strange appearance
A professor is plagued by vivid dreams regarding an ancient alien city, and an expedition to Australia brings about a ghastly revelation
A young man discovers an unearthly connection with a ancestor involved in strange experimentation with forbidden knowledge
A proud and affluent human city is destroyed one night when its past comes back to haunt it
A man restoring his family castle in England uncovers a ghastly underground crypt and the cannibalistic rituals of his line
An expedition to Antarctica uncovers the remnants of an alien race, and the doom that came to it
A skeptic of the paranormal corresponds with a man who claims to have made contact with a potentially dangerous extraterrestrial race
Deformed Wilbur Whately and his sinister grandfather unleash a gigantic, invisible horror upon an unsuspecting Massachusetts town
A renter in a French apartment building is intrigued by the strange violin music of an elderly gentleman upstairs, only to discover the horrible reason behind the tortured playing
A man and his uncle become convinced of a entity dwelling in a cursed, abandoned house. They attempt to exorcise the building one fated night in the basement

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