Sussest Bouls In Europe

Can you name the Sussest Bouls In Europe?

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sus because he burned rome
sus for relative reasons
sus because started world war i by being alive
sus because of Gulag
sus because he was king of spain and austria
sus because he changed religions on a dime
sus because he was dictator of italy
sus because he married 6 women
sus because he let france get clapped
sus because gross inbred face
sus because of wars of unification
sus because he was dictator of spain
sus because he married cleopatra
sus for st. petersburg
sus because of eugenics
sus because snitch and whipped to europe
sus because he helped unify italy
sus for selling out his boy
sus because conquered most of Mediterranean and middle east
sus for killing his boi
sus because he appeased a sus buhl
sus for making communism a thing
sus because he was a good speaker and advocate for revolution
sus for having a network of intelectuals
sus because he created dictatorship from democracy
sus because attacked europe
sus because reconquista
sus because of propaganda
sus because he almost conquered europe and was french
sus for evolution
sus because of holocaust
sus because he fought when he should have been pious
sus for having sus statue garden and being from prussia
sus because he was an economic boul
sus for yeeting bombs and shooting buhls and pan slavism
sus because he impaled buhls
sus because he caused current racism
sus because he told people to fight everywhere to defend
sus because chopped buhls heads off
sus for saying a small island shouldnt own a big country
sus because he was a sus wizard
sus for philosophizing
sus for causing a mass movement that existed for centuries
sus because he made a book about statecraft
sus because he built an imperial palace
sus because he abdicated romanov throne
sus because of retaining his freedom
sus for he and his wife ditching royal family
sus because of evil buhl in russia
sus for being an english philosopher
sus because caused revolution
sus because he fought in 30 years war for the northern buhls of europe
sus because his son was a sus buhl who conquered middle east

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